Other Services

Services scientifically fabricated to Fit in Your Product, Facility, Regulation, Environment and Culture. We at PEST TERMINATORS understand that every facility is unique. Services to render, its frequency and solutions are based on the pest control policy, rigorous inspection, data analysis, prevailing condition and pest pattern, product handled and Working culture. Compiling the different requirements, we design a custom plan to suit individual facility.

Our Other Services

  • Disinfestation for Managing Crawling Insect Pest.
  • Rodent Management for Rats and Mice Management.
  • Flying Insect Management for Flying Insects Management.
  • Spider and Cobweb Management.
  • Lizard Management.
  • Stored Grain like Weevil, Beetle and Moths Management.
  • Pheromone Technology and Bio Monitoring of the Pest Population for highly Sensetive Products.
  • Customised Pest Exclusion.
  • Fumigation Service Expertise.
  • Comprehensive Bird Control.
  • Reptile and Wildlife Management.
  • Biological Survey of the Facility for the Mergers, acquisitions or Co Manufacturing.
  • Termite Management.
  • General Pest Management.