Food Industry

Integrated Pest Management for Food Industry.

Pests are a problem which can affect any industry if they are ignored. Once a Pest Infestation takes place, and is ignored, it can result into ruining the whole industry products and ultimately hampering the company's reputation, especially for food industries.

The only thing that makes us industry friendly and helps us stand out from other Pest Management agencies is our approach towards any pest infestation. Pest Terminators uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is basically an approach that refrains from using indiscriminate Chemical Pesticides. The main focus in our package is towards eradication of breeding sources and restricting the entry of pests and solving the problems from the basic level.

Pest Terminators have a commercial plan for the industries which include services like Disinfections, Termite Control, Fly Control, Rodent Control, Fumigation, etc. The Commercial Plan is designed for Food Industries, Restaurants, Healthcare Facilities, IPO, BPO & Hospitality industries.