Bird Management

Many brands locally and internationally are facing the bird problem, which has become a major concern for their product quality and services. Bird waste being acidic, the problem of spreading various diseases and terminal illness has risen gradually. In the run to curb this problem, Pest Terminator has come forward to put an end to all the worries. Pest Terminator provides the following services in order to stop the bird from entering the vicinity and covers the potential nesting areas, leaving the birds unharmed.

Netting Solutions: This pest control policy of bird management is based on covering the possible point of entry of the bird and prevents nesting in nooks, corners and cracks.

Bird Spyke System:In this process, upward pointed spikes prevent the bird from landing on various platforms. (Kindly Note: The spikes do not kill or harm the bird in any manner).

Bird Wire: Stretched wire attached to a spring creates a non-hostile and unstable platform for the birds to land.